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Prayers, mantras, and song for walking a pilgrimage

Walking a long distance pilgrimage is a challenge not only for pilgrim’s body but also mind. Singing or chanting gives a walking rhythm – your body and mind is in sync.

Mallorca's pilgrimage routes

Mallorca is one of Spain’s islands in the Mediterranean sea. Famous for it’s stunning and inspiring nature it is quite filled with tourists, but it seems that there are space and place for more or less everyone. If you go outside the biggest cities, you’ll find wild nature, many beaches to choose from within reachable […]

The Pilgrimage in the USA: Native American Ways

Before starting my research about Native Americans (indigenous people of North America) and their sacred places I had the idea to make a list of all of them. However, the more I read, the more sacred places I discovered, and well, the US is big. These are only a few places from the long list, […]