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Yanghegong Lamasery, Lama Temple in Beijing

Beijing, the capital city of China, has some amazing pilgrimage sites to offer inside and outside the city.

California's Venice beach with bridge to the Pacific Ocean worth a pilgrimage

California… I have recently visited Los Angeles (February 2019) and was amazed by the pleasant climate and beautiful nature there. Seems to be a paradise to walk! Here are some ideas on pilgrimage routes. I included some customized affiliate links in this article in order to help you plan your pilgrimage and accommodation while going […]

Mallorca's pilgrimage routes

Mallorca is one of Spain’s islands in the Mediterranean sea. Famous for it’s stunning and inspiring nature it is quite filled with tourists, but it seems that there are space and place for more or less everyone. If you go outside the biggest cities, you’ll find wild nature, many beaches to choose from within reachable […]