About Me

My name is Rasa and I like to travel. Especially on foot, as I enjoy exploring a new country at a slow pace. It also allows me to escape the rush of everyday life, nowadays in my recently-adopted home Berlin.

The first pilgrimage that I walked was inspired by a good friend’s story about the St. James Way in Spain. At first it sounded like a myth from a far away country, but in July 2013 I and three more friends from Lithuania made our first steps on El Camino de Santiago.

During the pilgrimage I heard other stories about pilgrimage all over the world. My first reaction to this new discovery was, “why don’t I know anything about this?” This planted the seed that over four years later has begun to grow into a website with the intention of gathering as much information as possible about pilgrimage around the world.

I haven’t walked every pilgrimage myself and I am learning about new routes every time I decide to find a way in a new country. As a graduate from the “Religious Roots of Europe” master program I have an interest in the religious aspects of pilgrimage. I am happy that I found a way to make one of my scholarly interests and a hobby work together.

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