Inktober 2019: Pilgrimage. Round-up of Week 2.

Pattern with hearts in blue background.

Yay made it through Inktober week 2! (See my week 1 drawings if you haven’t yet.) Here is my second round-up:

Day 8 – Frail

A pilgrim walking in the mountains and Angel is flying above him.

While thinking of what to draw about #frail and #pilgrimage I came to an idea that frail doesn’t have to be negative. The old person’s body might be frail but the soul can light up the way. And in during any pilgrimage, everyone is protected by good spirits. That’s my late-night conclusions 😁👣

Day 9 – Swing

Botafumeiro swinging in the air.

During the Pilgrims Mass in the Cathedral de Santiago, you can see the Botafumeiro swinging over pilgrims heads. It has a burning incense inside and fills up the church with smoke and smells.

Day 10 – Pattern

Pattern with hearts in blue background.

 This one took me two days to complete, but hey, life happens. Pilgrimage pattern for me was made of hearts, connection, some saints, and eternal friendship people make on their way ❤️

Day 11 – Snow

A woman walking pilgrimage in winter.

Snow and pilgrimage reminded me about Ann Sieben also known as Winter Pilgrim. She is my total pilgrim inspiration as she walks solo and takes the roads less traveled. She likes to walk in winter because “snow is easier on the feet than rocks”. If you have a chance, read her travel stories 👣👌💪

Day 12 – Dragon

Water dragon.

 I was really looking forward to this day as I love drawing dragons 😁 This one is from my dream and it is a water dragon who helped me to swim up from the depths of some deep waters. In reality, pilgrimage is also a way to walk up from the abyss and get some fresh air and energy to continue with our lives in a healthy, relaxed, and more positive way.

Day 13 – Ash

A man holding urn with ashes.

 For some people walking a pilgrimage in Spain means carrying ashes of their lost beloved ones, and saying the final goodbye by scattering them all along the Camino.

Day 14 – Overgrown

Pilgrim sleeping in wild nature.

Sleeping too long in one place while walking a pilgrimage might end up in Mother Nature overgrow a pilgrim 😁 🌳👣🌸🐼 Congrats on getting through week 2 everyone 💪



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