Prayers, mantras and songs for walking a pilgrimage

Prayers, mantras, and song for walking a pilgrimage

Prayers, mantras, songs are helpful tools to make the long kilometers of your pilgrimage go faster. As much as it seems that it won’t be ever boring or every minute is going to be enjoyable – the reality of physical pain and psychological tiredness will hit you at some point. Or not. But in case it does, songs will lead you on. In this post, I will share some examples of what worked for me during my 700 km.

Camino de Santiago is a Christian pilgrimage, therefore, first came to my mind the prayers that I’ve learned at school: “Our Father” and “Hail Marry”. Then I’ve tried to repeat “Mea Culpa” but it made me depressed so I stopped and changed it to “I forgive myself, I accept myself, I love myself”. It is not actually a prayer, more a mantra and it gives positive vibes. Another mantra that helped me to keep the rhythm of walking was “Om Brzee Namaha”, or “Om Namaha Namaha Om” which I remembered from my yoga classes.

My friend pilgrim walked by singing folk songs. I am sure everyone has a favorite one that had heard as a child or at school. It is nice to sing in your native language as you really get the song, it sounds heartwarming and gives you strength not to give up.

Bringing a playlist of your all-time favorite songs – definitely a great idea. Then you can just sink into memories connected to your songs and so pay a tribute to your past. And maybe let it go.

At some points of walking, I was just counting “left-right one two free four” or something like that. The important moment is to give your mind some entertainment so it won’t be suffering and complaining which is not helpful at all. Sync of your mind and your movements works really well.

Finally, I actually walked with a fast walking friend so I was constantly busy to catch up with her.

What do you sing or chant while walking?

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