Photo report from one-day pilgrimage Hennigsdorf – Bötzow (Germany)

I found the Berlin-Wilsnack pilgrimage route (official site in German) while doing research on my previous blog entry Pilgrim ways in Northern Germany. Since this route is near where I currently live, I was curious to walk at least a part of it. I decided to make a day pilgrimage and the easiest place to start for me was Hennigsdorf. It is also possible to start the pilgrimage at its beginning – in St. Mary’s Church (Marienkirche) in central Berlin and walk all ~20 km through the big streets of Berlin. But it is usually recommended to take the S-Bahn (S25) to Hennigsdorf and continue on foot from there. The return pilgrimage was ~12 km long and took us (which is me and my boyfriend David who is also helping me to edit the blog) around 3 – 3,5 hours walking with one longer stop at Bötzow. Keep in mind that public transport is rare and we did not see any cafes or food stores on the way outside of Hennigsdorf.

Hennigsdorf station is small yet we couldn’t find the marks for pilgrimage (three orange  dots). So we turned to the wrong side of the “Star wars” tunnel (you’ll see why when you get there) at first and walked a bit around the town to get to the right path. However, we returned to the same station, so here’s the photo of the side you actually need to exit the station (turn right when you get down the stairs from the platform):


Hennigsdorf Bhf and Postplatz

The right-side exit from Hennigsdorf station to Postplatz is where the pilgrimage route Berlin – Wilsnack continues to Böltzow.


At the moment (June 2018) Potsplatz is under construction, nevertheless, you need to get to the other side of it and find a pedestrian shopping street called Havelpassage which starts just between “Sparkasse” and “Volksbank”.

The next sign we found was in the middle of the Havel square (Havelplatz) at the end of the shopping street. The trees you see in the photo mark the beginning of the City park (Stadtpark) which you need to cross through next.


Berlin - Wilsnack pilgrimage sign in Havelplatz Hennigsdorf

A Berlin – Wilsnack pilgrimage sign on a pole in Havelplatz.


The entrance to the park is under the tree-arch and there are pilgrimage marks on the first pole on the left. Later in the park there is a marked tree and a few marked poles just before the exit:



At the end of the park we bumped into a cemetery (Waldfriedhof Hennigsdorf) in front of which we took a right and then just followed Bötzower Weg, which later turned into a bicycle path throughout the forest:



When we crossed the forest, the bicycle path ended into the Schönwalder str. which is actually a road. However, while walking on it we only saw bicyclers and maybe two cars passed by so it wasn’t disturbing or dangerous to walk.



Finally, following Schönwalder Str. all the way straight down we reached Bötzow. We turned to the left at the first street lights and soon reached our aim – St. Nikolai Church (Nikolaikirche Bötzow).



The next sign to continue the pilgrimage towards Linum is on a pole just a couple of meters away after you exit the church through small gates and turn right.


Berlin - Wilsnack pilgrimage signs on pole from Bötzow to Linum.

Berlin – Wilsnack pilgrimage signs on pole from Bötzow to Linum.



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