Hello, world!

Wanted to say hi, to all readers who will drop by to my website/blog.

My name is Rasa and I’m fond of traveling on foot. I do my best to walk everyday at least a little because for me it is the best way to clear my mind, relax, and discover places in a slow and detailed way.

One of my greatest walks was doing the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain. First time I walked around 700 km in about a month in 2013, and came back on the Way in 2016 for 120 km. Both times the experience was challenging yet overwhelmingly rewarding, and leaving a thirst for walking more. While talking to other pilgrims, I discovered that pilgrimage roads exist all over the world. Since thenĀ I carried the idea of making a website about pilgrimage and putting all the existing routes into one space.

Between my first pilgrimage and now I got a master degree in the Religious Roots of Europe program and will use my knowledge while making this website, as the roots of every pilgrimage is to travel to sacred places. Since pilgrimage became a kind of active holidays, the intention of this website is to combine religious and non-religious aspects of pilgrimage as they interchange during the pilgrim’s journey.

Happy reading and walking!



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