A man walks in nature. I am a legend.

Time flies and week 3 of Inktober challenge passed by. Here’s a round-up.

Western Wall in Jerusalem

Pilgrimage exists within various religions all over the world. With a short introduction to Jewish pilgrimage, I will start the “Roots” section of my blog. Why Judaism first? Just because I study it these days at the university and recently had to make a short presentation in one of my classes. Roots of Jewish Pilgrimage […]

California's Venice beach with bridge to the Pacific Ocean worth a pilgrimage

California… I have recently visited Los Angeles (February 2019) and was amazed by the pleasant climate and beautiful nature there. Seems to be a paradise to walk! Here are some ideas on pilgrimage routes. I included some customized affiliate links in this article in order to help you plan your pilgrimage and accommodation while going […]